How To Make Free Blogger Website For Life Time?

Having a good and effective blog with lots of good traffic is the dream of every blogger. It is very important for the blogger to get to know how they can be able to make free blogger website so that they can run it for a long time.

Blogger History
The term blog was coined in the late 1990s and its history starts with the several digital ancestors to it. It got popularity with internet forum software like WebEx which created running conversations with threads. These threads are the connection between messages on metaphorical corkboard. In the recent time its popularity has increased a lot.

How to Make it
Making good blog is as important as anything else on the web. First of all you will need determine purpose of the blog and stick with it. You should be clear about your goals while you are looking to make a blog. There are many platforms available with which you can make your free website. Having effective blog website can bring you success. There are different web hosting options available for you such as WordPress, Google sites, Angelfire, Webs, Wikia etc. You can make free website with different services of web hosting. You can find and select templates for designing of the website from available options on the web hosts. Next step is to create an account and pick your domain name. create your web page and publish your website. Bloggers are required to create contents regularly on the website. Place advertising on the website and market your blog website. Final step is to submit your website to search engine.

Blogger Website For Life Time

How to Add Tags
Adding tags on the free blog is very simple.
• Login yo wordpres account
• Then go to my account
• Select posts on dashboard
• Click on title of the post
• Scroll to the right hand column on screen where you will see tags.
• Type words that describe elements of your posts and then click add
• You can also choose from most updated popular tags list by clicking on the link at bottom of tags box.

How to add description
Description is the small introduction of your post and topic. You can add description by logging on your account and then click on New and then post. You will see Description option at the bottom of the page. You just need to write small description relevant to your topic of about 160 words.

How to install themes
There are many themes available for the bloogers to download that will work with wordpress installation. These themes can be downloaded directly by using Add New Theme option in Appearnace Sub menu.
• Log in to Administration Panels of free website
• Select Appearance panel and then Themes and then select Install themes
• Use sub menu or filter or search options to locate your themes.
• Click preview if you want to see its preview and then click install link to upload your theme to free website.

Benefits of Blogger Website
• There are numerous benefits of blogging. It is very important for the bloggers to have real good blog website as it provides you success for your website. Here are some benefits of blooger website.
• Your blog website provides you opportunity to connect with wider community which can be great way to bringing traffic on the website.
• Easy web publishing is another very good advantage of blogger website.
• There can be higher search engine ranking of your blog website.
• The good thing about blogger website is that it is low cost for you.
• It also provides you better communications as well.

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